Phillips 66

A Sustaining Partner in the Chair's Circle

Phillips 66 has been one of the most valuable and long-term partners of the Mechanical Engineering Program and the MIE Department.

P66 investment includes offering and sponsoring industry-relevant and entrepreneurial Capstone Design projects per year since 2011, sponsoring the annual Capstone Fair since its inception in 2011, funding two graduate Teaching Assistants per year in support of ME undergraduate lab courses every year since 2009, and contributing members to the ME Capstone Design Review Panel. In addition P66 is a regular contributor to the Frmula SAE TigerRacing Club and the ASME Student Chapter.

Partnership Evidence and Investments

P66 Founding and continuing annual sponsor since 2012 of the ME Capstone Design Project Fair  - an event where students are introduced to proposed projects to undertake in the Capstone "Senior" Design course sequence (ME4243/EE4820, ME4202/EE4810).

P66 Phillips 66 has contributed its Code of Business and Conduct document, which is now the official code for the ME Capstone Design Program and the associated course sequence (ME4243/ME4202).

P66 Founding and continuing annual sponsor since 2009 of two ME Teaching Assistants for ME courses with a laboratory component. (* under ConocoPhillips until 2011-12)

ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2018; P66 Lab Section TA: Brown, Emily
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2017; P66 Lab Section TA: Poynot, Joseph
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2017; P66 Lab Section TA: Primeaux, Philip
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2016P66 Lab Section TA: RobertsJames
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2016; P66 Lab Section TA: Robbins, Justin
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2015; P66 Lab Section TA: PrimeauxPhilip
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2015; P66 Lab Section TA: SayreBrian
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2014P66 Lab Section TA: HuggetDaniel
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2014; P66 Lab Section TA: Eikhuemelo, Hilary
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2013P66 Lab Section TA: HymelPaul
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2013; P66 Lab Section TA: Boudreaux, Jace
ME4621 - Thermal Science Lab; Fall 2012; P66 Lab Section TA: Meyers, Shiloh
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2012P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2011; P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2011P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2011P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2010P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2010P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2009P66 Lab Section TA: BrumfieldLance
*ME3701 - Materials Lab; Fall 2009P66 Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher

P66 Capstone Design Project and Program continuous contributions and sponsorship since 2011:

2017-18 P66Project/Team #35: "Subaquatic Surveying ROV"
P66 Mentor: Patrick Laley
Students: Carazo, Nicholas G (ME); Garitty, Nicholas (EE); LeBlanc, Brandon (EE); Lim, Josiah Da-Ren (ME); Loupe, Truman Jack (ME); Populus, Aaron Matthew (ME); Stamey, Bryan (EEC); Xie, Jason D (ME).

2017-18 P66Project/Team #36: "Rough Around the Edges - Abrasion Mitigation"
P66 Mentor: John Darbonne
Students: Cabezon, Deva Aria (ME); Ma, Vanson (ME); Niedbalski, Kathleen Bridge (ME); Tedesco, Victor Emmanuel V (ME).

2016-17 P66Project/Team #35: "Sump Debris Removal"
P66 Mentor: Thomas Sparks
Students: Callihan, Kevin (ECE); Fletcher, Austin (ME); Mansfield, Colin (ME); Marceaux, Holden (ME); Percle, Austin (ME); Seeds, Charles (ECE).

2016-17 P66Project/Team #36: "Hands-off Chicken Coop"
P66 Mentor: John Darbonne
Students: Comardelle , Brett (ECE); Costanzo, Bryan (ME); Duplantis, Corinne (ME); Epperson, Daniel (ME); Pickett, Logan (ME); Storey, Kayleigh (ECE).

2015-16 P66Project/Team #35: "Heat Capacitance Testing Device"
P66 Mentor: Jennifer Farque
Students: Adams, Steven (ECE); Das, Tathagata (ME); Favrot, Trevor William (ME); Larsen, Brooke (ME); Lockett, Kenneth (ECE); Nguyen, Tien-Tommy Duc (ME).

2015-16 P66Project/Team #36: "Perfect Crawfish"
P66 Mentor: Patrick Laley
Students: Becnel, Lauren Elizabeth (ME); Fulkerson, Steven Paul (ME); Hill, Jared (ECE); Martinez, Ashley Anne (ME); McAlpine, Raymond (ECE); Oliver, Cara Leigh (ME); Thomas, Grant (ECE); Tisdale, Joshua Allen (ME); Vu, Lisa Trang (ME).

2014-15 P66Project/Team #19: "Automatic Lawnmower II"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Aultman, Martha (ECE); Bellard, Andrew B (ME); Bosworth, Steven J (ME); Parker, Justin James (ME); Stokes, Tim (ECE).

2014-15 P66Project/Team #25: "Rotary Kiln Training Tool"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Darbonne, John William (ME); Lee, Jacob Gah Kuan (ME); Thurnau, Jaron Aury (ME); Tisdale, Joshua Allen (ME); Vied, Gregory Mouton (ME).

2013-14 P66Project/Team #23: "Kiln Hotspot Management"
P66 Mentor: Jennifer Farque
Students: Aultman, Martha (ECE); Bellard, Andrew B (ME); Bosworth, Steven J (ME); Parker, Justin James (ME); Stokes, Tim (ECE).

2013-14 P66Project/Team #24: "Automatic Lawnmower I"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Angelle, Evan Christopher (ME); Gantt, Paul Avery III (ME); Gordillo, Jonathan Figueroa (ME); Kopcso, Daniel (EE); McBride, Sean Robert (ME); Nunez, Eduardo Xavier (ME); Raymond, Alex (EE).

2012-13 P66Project/Team #17: "Portable Ice Chest/Ice Maker"
P66 Mentor: Kelly Goudeau
Students: Menard, Steven (ME); Placzek, Alexander (ME); Schnauder, Kenneth (ME); Stogner, Jeremy (ME).

2012-13 P66Project/Team #20: "Multi-directional Tank Cleaning Tool"
P66 Mentor: Dustin Willis
Students: Barrilleaux, Robert (ME); Boudreaux, Taylor (ME); Breaux, Eric (ME); Dantin, Justin (ME); Laley Patrick (ME).

2011-12 P66Project/Team #26: "Test Stand for Valves in Solids Service"
P66 (while under ConocoPhillips) Mentor: Dustin Willis
Students: Bayer, Christoph James (ME); Berroteran, William Alfred (ME); Goudeau, Kelly Joseph (ME); Ingram, Marc Daniel (ME); Reeves, Christopher Joseph (ME); Reynolds, Andrew Harry (ME); Beal, William (EE).

2011-12 P66Project/Team #27: "Perpetual Motion Rocking Chair"
P66 (while under ConocoPhillips) Mentor: Jennifer Farque
Students: Dwyer, Ryan Daniel (ME); Gautreau, Lucas Morgan (ME); Kingrey, Scott Mitchell (ME); Walker, Adam Paul (ME).