Annual Graduate Student Conference 

The Annual Graduate Student Conference (GSC) was instituted in Mechanical Engineering in 2002. The idea was put forth by Professors Harris Wong and Keith Gonthier, championed by Professors Marcio deQueiroz and Dorel Moldovan, and embraced by the ME graduate student body and the then Department Chairperson Glenn Sinclair. The GSC has thrived since its inception and has given the opportunity to the graduate students to present their research to their peers and the faculty, thereby gaining valuable experience in the art of communicating and discussing research and technical content. Over the years, the GSC has also hosted graduate student speakers from other Departments, Colleges, and Louisiana institutions. Since the formation of MIE in 2012 the GSC has transitioned from an ME affair into a combined ME and IE event. If you are interested in the content of the GSC and desire more information please visit the links contained herein for the upcoming GSC as well as those of the past.


20th Annual Graduate Student Conference (2023)

ME Annual Graduate Student Conference History