Royal Dutch Shell 

Shell has been one of the valuable long term partners of the Mechanical Engineering program and the MIE Department.

Shell investment includes continuous annual funding of graduate scholarships for the ME Accelerated (3/2) Master's Program since its inception in 2004,  funding for graduate Teaching Assistants in support of ME undergraduate lab courses, and contributing members to the ME Capstone Design Review Panel.

Partnership Evidence and Investments

Shell  Accelerated (3/2) Masters Program Scholarships

2016-17 Shell Scholar: Duplantis, Corinne
2014-15 Shell Scholar: Gegenheimer, James
2013-14 Shell Scholars: Gonzalez, Carlos; Koederitz, William
2012-13 Shell Scholars: Hymel, Paul; Mehdi, Jishnu
2008-09 Shell Scholars: King, Abraham M.; Meyer, Ryan M.; Balaji, Santana K.

Shell  ME Teaching Assistants for ME Courses

ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2018; Shell Lab Section TA: Primeaux, Philip
ME3701 - Materials Lab; Spring 2018; Shell Lab Section TA: Brown, Emily
ME4183 - Controls; Fall 2017; Shell Section TA: Fernandez-Kim, Victor
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2017; Shell Lab Section TA: Jones, Hansen
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Fall 2015; Shell Lab Section TA: Robins, Justin
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2014; Shell Lab Section TA: Hymel, Paul
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2014; Shell Lab Section TA: Hymel, Paul
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2013; Shell Lab Section TA: Williams, Paul
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2013; Shell Lab Section TA: Cobb, Steven
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Fall 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Cobb, Steven
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Upadhyay, Jagannath "Jay"
ME3603 - Instrumentation Lab; Spring 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Boudreaux, Jace
ME4202 - Capstone Design II; Spring 2012; Shell Lab Section TA: Gilbert, John
ME4243 - Capstone Design I; Fall 2011; Shell Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2011; Shell Lab Section TA: Brown, Christopher
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Fall 2011; Shell Lab Section TA: Dupree, James
ME4621 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2011; Shell Lab Section #4 TA: Wells, Lem
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2011; Shell Lab Section #5 TA: Wells, Lem
ME4201 - Machine Design Lab; Fall 2010; Shell Lab Section TA: Lowery, Brooks
ME4621 - Thermal Science Lab; Fall 2010; Shell Lab Section TA: Wells, Lem
ME4611 - Thermal Systems Lab; Spring 2010; Shell Lab Section TA: Crochet, Michael