Shyam Menon
Office: 3270H PFT
(225) 578-7279

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Shyam Menon

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

PhD, University of Maryland, College Park (2010)


Multiphase flows • compressible high-speed flows • combustion • propulsion and power generation • low-carbon and zero-carbon fuels • laser diagnostics • emissions • reacting flow simulations.

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Dr. Shyam Menon received his MS and PhD degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park (UMD). He previously received a BE degree in mechanical engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, India. After completing his PhD work, he conducted post-doctoral research at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the University of Southern California (USC), and the Oregon State University (OSU). He has been at Louisiana State University (LSU) since 2016 and is currently an associate professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) department at LSU. He leads the Energy and Propulsion Laboratory (EPL) at LSU where the focus is primarily on multiphase flow research with application to power generation and propulsion. He has published over 50 journal and conference papers and is a member of AIAA and the Combustion Institute. He has used experimental and computational techniques to conduct research on a variety of topics involving combustion and reacting flow, droplet and spray dynamics, supersonic flow and shock wave phenomena, particle-laden flows, and gas turbine/internal combustion/rocket engines. His research has been funded by federal and state agencies (DOE, AFRL, AFOSR, ONR, NSF, LaSPACE) and industry. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award in 2022 and the Worley Professor of Excellence award in 2023.