Student Engagement and Impact

With more than 30,000 students and 1,300 faculty, Louisiana State University and A&M College is a vibrant campus with individuals from communities across the state, country, and globe.

Committed to Celebrating Tigers

Through our emphasis on student engagement, the Division aims to cultivate a respectful and supportive LSU experience for all communities. We believe a positive impact on the student experience leads to student success. Our programming, events, and initiatives are designed to ensure the campus is accessible for all campus community members and all students have a chance to succeed. We invite you to visit our spaces, meet our professional and student staff, and attend our programs and events.

A Dynamic Hub

Pursuing Excellence

As a dynamic hub for student engagement, success, and collaboration, we relentlessly pursue excellence to ensure every student has access to the resources they need for leadership development, career readiness, community, and personal growth. Through innovative strategies and data-informed practices, we empower students to shape their own educational journey and actively participate in their learning experience. Join us in this exciting pursuit of student success.


Helping Tigers ROAR

Student engagement is a crucial factor in student success, impacting academic achievement, personal growth, and overall well-being. Through our Engagement Centers and the concerted and collaborative efforts of the staff, our commitment to student engagement and impact aligns with the university's dedication to cultivating an environment where every TIGER is empowered and thrives as they ROAR.

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Strategic Initiatives

Implementing best-practices to support the advancement of success for all students.

We collaborate and partner with others to support strategic initiatives and student impact across various areas, with a charge to ensure access to comprehensive programs, engage students effectively, provide opportunities for growth, and advance preparation for the future. We collaborate across the LSU landscape to foster a supportive environment that enables students to access resources, engage in various developmental opportunities, and advance in their personal and professional lives. Our approach involves creating access to programs, fostering student engagement, providing opportunities for advancement, and ensuring thorough preparation across all focus areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Career Readiness and Workforce Development
  • First Year Experience, College Readiness and Mentoring
  • Health, Safety and Wellness

Learn More about our Strategic Initiatives

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Engagement Centers

Engaging across campus and building a network of support 

Engagement centers at LSU serve various purposes for students including community involvement and service, academic support, and career and leadership development.  The centers connect students with other students, alumni, stakeholders, and resources to build and maintain relationships that are impactful to their successful matriculation. These centers value the unique experiences of each student and play a vital role in enhancing the overall university experience for all students by providing various forms of support and opportunities for engagement. All are welcome to visit any and each of our Engagement Centers:

  • Clarence L. Barney, Jr. African American Cultural Center
  • Intercultural Center
  • Women’s Center
  • LGBTQ+ Center

Engagement Centers