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2017 Physics Block Party 



Graduate Versus Undergraduate Challenge

Panel Members

  • Undergraduates: Justin Champagne, Rory Bentley, Benjamin Box, Rob Cottingham
  • Graduates: Noah Morris, Arshag Ozian, Anthony Brady, Siddharth Soni
  • Judges: Prof Jim Matthews, Prof. Ravi Rau

The Five Challenges

  • Physics Opinions (Won by the Graduate Students by 2:1)
  • Physics Charades  (Won by the Graduate Students for getting first the phrase “Professor Matthews’ Goatee".)
  • Mad Scientist Laugh Competition (Won by the Undergraduates, with Justin Champagne’s marvelous depiction of ‘genius’ in his Mad Scientist Laugh.  The Graduate's Noah Morris also performed a great depiction of ‘evil’ with his award-deserving laugh.)
  • Physics Pictionary (Won by the Graduate Students for their remarkably fast rendition of “Big Bang Theory”)
  • Physics Brainteasers (Won by the Undergraduates 2 to 1)
  • Winners:  The Graduate students, by a score of 3 to 2.
  • Prizes: Einstein doll, Einstein T-shirt, Einstein book, and Dr. Who Electronic screwdriver

Ping Pong Tournament

  • 1st →Professors Lai Chan and Hwang Lee
  • 2nd → Graduate Student Siddhartha Das and Postdoc Guillermo Valdes

Physics Assassin Game

  • The circle of assassins ran for about 15 minutes.  Prof. Manos Chatzopolous managed an impressive string of ‘kills’.  But he was then taken out by Tiffany Lastinger, as she snuck around a corner.  It then came down to undergraduate Tiffany and graduate Rachel Malecek.  Tiffany made the mistake of entering the library carrying many of the sheets of paper that were obviously target lists, so Rachel spotted her quickly.  They then were face to face, where assassinations were not allowed while your intended-victim can see you.  But then Tiffany made the fatal mistake of being distracted by a friend (Katie Nugent, who had been previously assassinated by Prof. Chatzopolous) to look away, whereupon Rachel immediately tapped her gently on the top of the head to perform the assassination.  So, Rachel Malacez is the winner of the Physics Assassin Game, and her main prize is simply being alive.  Well, she also won a (13th) Dr. Who Electronic Screwdriver.

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