Fall 2017 Graduates

December 15, 2017

          On Friday, December 15, LSU Physics & Astronomy welcomed 3 new PhD, 3 MS and 2 BS graduates who conferred their degrees at the Maddox Fieldhouse.

Mojammel Khan, PhD (advisor: Dr. David Young)           

"Non-centrosymmetric Superconductivity and Magnetism in the Presence of Broken Symmetries"

Amber Lauer, PhD (advisor: Dr. Catherine Deibel)

"Studying the Reaction 34AR(ALPHA,P)37K and Its Impact on XRB Nucleosynthesis and Observables"

Haoyu Qi, PhD  (advisor: Dr. Jonathan Dowling)

"Energy-Constrained Quantum Communication and Digital Dynamical Decoupling"

Christopher Buchanan, MS (advisor: Dr. Gabriela González)

Steven Dorsher, MS (advisor: Dr. Jorge Pullin)

Safura Sharifi, MS (advisor: Dr. Jonathan Dowling)

Jasmine Renee Jones, BS

Harvey Franklin Shows III, BS,  Summa Cum Laude