Electricity and Magnetism


  • Electric Charges - Demo 1
  • Electric Charges - Demo 2
  • Static Wand (Charged rod) or use: Van de Graff or Wimshurst General to show:
    1. Stick balloon to wall
    2. Deflect water stream
    3. Roll empty coke can
    4. Rice krispies inside balloon
    5. "Pull" on a balanced 2x4 wood
  • Tesla Coil to show
    1. Lightning plasma ball
    2. Fluorescent tube (half painted, half clear)
    3. Artificial lightning
  • Electrostatics voltage source (when Van de Graff does not work)
Electric Field and Potential
  • Overhead Projector/electric field lines apparatus



  • Conduction in Gases: Jacob's Ladder
  • Resistivity and Temperature: Thermistor
  • Resistivity and Temperature: Wire Coil in LN2

Electromotive Force and Current

  • lectricity is energy - ignite steel wool by touching to 9-volt battery
  • Piezoelectricity: Piezoelectric Sparker
  • Solar cell on OHP to light bulb or radio

DC Circuits

Magnetic Fields and Forces


Electromagnetic Induction

AC Circuits

Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Hearing Infrared