Geometric Optics

  • Lenses
  • Demonstration Mirrors
  • Refraction - Disappearing beaker
  • Real image apparatus
  • Visible ray optics set - Reflection and Refraction
  • Parabolic reflectors
  • Total internal reflection in fish tank w/laser
  • Total nternal reflection: Light Pipe/Laser and Fiber Optics
  • Refraction w/magic coin in can of water


  • Luminosity: Inverse Square Model

Diffraction and Interference

  • Diffraction and Interference
  • Diffraction through a Single Slit: Single Slit and adjustable slit and laser
  • Interference from Two Sources: Double Slits and Red and Green Lasers
  • Thin Films: Soap film interference


  • Overlapping colored shadows 


  • Polarization Sheets
  • Polariods on the Overhead
  • Polarized light through karo syrup or cellophane tape
  • Dim polarized light w/string and picket fence

The Eye

  • The Eye: Eye Model with ray optics