Thermal Properties of Matter

  • Specific heat of sand vs. water on hot plate
  • Specific heat of water - Light balloon w/o water in it
  • Cold temperature effects property of substances w/liquid nitrogen - Demos
    • Drive nail w/frozen banana
    • Crush flowers
    • Sound of "frozen" lead bell
    • "Freeze" liquid mercury
    • Suck egg into flask
    • Shrink blown-up balloon and show liquid air inside
    • "Smash" soft hollow rubber ball
    • "Pop" lid off film canister filled w/liquid nitrogen
  • Temperature - thermister, liquid crystals, liquid thermometer
  • Conduction - rate of conduction in metals apparatus
  • Thermal Expansion w/thermostat model
  • Louisiana Flag "burning" - ignite flag dipped in alcohol-water mixture (doesn't burn at all, or even get hot)
  • Solid Expansion: Bimetal Strip, ball and ring

Heat and the First Law

  • Heat vs. Temperature - place "drops" of boiling water on hand - doesn't burn, really
  • Heat is transferred one way - clasp hands w/neighbor - one feels cool, other feels warm, never both
  • Size of Calorie or Joule - warm water in test tube w/hands with thermometer in it.
  • Convection: Candle in a glass chimney with removable

Change of State

  • Boil water below room temperature in vacuum flask
  • Cooling by Evaporation - alcohol on hand and black board

Kinetic Theory

  • Kinetic Motion: Cenco Kinetic Theory Apparatus

Gas Law

  • Constant Pressure: Balloons in Liquid Nigrogen
  • Constant Temperature: Boyle's Law with syringe on OHP

Entropy and the Second Law

  • Work to heat -- rubber band stretch many times and place across upper lip - warm to touch
  • Mechanical equivalent of heat apparatus