Staff | LSU Office of Retention & Student Success


Becca Hubbard

Becca Thompson

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success

Hometown: Conyers, Georgia

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science and Education, University of Georgia; Master of Education,University of Georgia

Baton Rouge Recommendation: Greater Beulah Baptist Church and Ruffino’s Restaurant

Interesting Fact About Me: I played college basketball for 2 years

Three Words that Describe Me: Driven, Student-Centered, Helpful

Favorite Spot on Campus: Alex Box Stadium

Meridia Sanders  

Meridia Sanders

Associate Director, Transition and Student Success

Hometown: High Point, NC

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Western Carolina University; Master of Arts in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania; current Ph.D. student in the Higher Education Adminstration Program at LSU

Baton Rouge Recommendation: University Lakes for exercise and Curbside for burgers 

Something interesting about me: l love running half marathons.

Three words that describe myself: Authentic, Tenacious, Open-Minded

Favorite spot on campus: Mike’s Habitat and the Greek Amphitheater


Karen Carriere

Athletic Certification Manager, Retention & Student Success

Hometown: Elton, LA

Degree(s): BS in Agriculture Economics and MS in Human Resource Education

Baton Rouge recommendation: The Chimes

Something interesting about me: I grew up on a rice and crawfish farm, learned to drive a tractor at 11.

Three words that describe myself: Dedicated, Hardworking, Proficient 

Favorite spot on campus: LSU Dairy Store – I worked there as a student.