Vehicle Reservations

Reserve a vehicle

Before getting access to reserve a vehicle, the driver authorization proicess must be completed. All information regarding the driver authorization process can be found at the link below. 

LSU office of Risk management

Driver Authorization Process

  1. Department determines that employee needs to drive a University-owned vehicle (or a personally owned vehicle, if part of the employee's written job requirements.)
  2. Employee completes the required LSU A&M Driver Training Questionnaire (link below) and stores the completion date for future reference.The LSU A&M Driver Training Questionnaire is valid for 3 years.
  3. Employees who previously watched the state's Driver Training Video should take the LSU A&M Driver Training Questionnaire before submitting their next Driver Authorization request.
  4. Employee submits the online form to Risk Management (below). The form includes information needed to confirm that an employee's driving record meets the Office of Risk Management's guidelines for approving drivers.The online form is an annual requirement for the Driver Authorization process.
  5. Risk Management may reach out at any time to request a new online form is submitted for review.
  6. Risk Management requests the driver’s motor vehicle record from the LA Office of Motor Vehicles for in-state driver’s licenses.For non-Louisiana licensed drivers, the employee will need to obtain the MVR from their license state or work with Risk Management to obtain the MVR through HireRight. Click here for more information.
  7. Risk Management will review the driver’s motor vehicle record and notify the department about whether or not the employee is approved as an Authorized Driver.

Questionnaire (Every three years)

  • Send the results of the questionnaire to Trisha Ball ( 
  • Trisha Ball should be cc'd on the email from risk approving to drive. If she is not cc'd, the approval must be forwarded to her.
  • Access will be granted once all records are received. 


Authorizations (Annually)

Please complete the form at the link below to begin the LSU Driver Authorization process. Upon submission of this form, and when anything changes with your record in the future, you, your supervisor and department contact will be notified via email. These email notifications include but are not limited to: Approval Status Changes, Renewal Form Requests, Questions or Updates Needed in Your Record and Upcoming Date Changes (such as license expiration or driver training). Please note that there may be a delay in this approval process. Typically, after a new submission is received, Risk Management will provide an approval status or request for more information within 5 business days. If a request needs to be expedited, please email and we will do our best to accommodate that request. Please list Trisha Ball as the departmental contact

Driver Authorization Request Form