Executive Branch Departments

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Department is responsible for improving students’ academic experiences with the University’s academic leaders and the enrichment of academic services.

Sanaa Alam


Haleigh Shelton
Assistant Director

Nubia Khan
Assistant Director of Graduate & International Students




The Athletics Department works to enhance the student-fan experience at LSU Athletic events and is responsible for any activity pertaining to the athletic policies of the University that affect students. This department is also responsible for planning the Student Government Bus Trip and handling student ticket appeals.

T.J. Polk


Dajan Watkins
Assistant Director of Athlete Relations

Airiana Jones
Assistant Director of Bus Trips


Attorney General

The Attorney General maintains knowledge of all current Student Government documents and representing the Executive Branch before the University Court as needed. 

Brooks Belanger
Attorney General


Cole Conrad
Deputy Attorney General

Samuel Avenel
Public Defender


Campus Affairs & Sustainability

The Campus Affairs & Sustainability Department is responsible for implementing Student Government Initiatives aimed at enhancing student life and interests, the construction and development of physical aspects of campus, and sustainability efforts to be sought for the betterment of LSU.

Heather Goss


 Broty Stelly
Assistant Director




The Communication Department is responsible for the communications within Student Government's Executive Branch, externally to other Student Government branches and externally to the LSU system and Student Body as a whole. The Communications Department is responsible for updating and overseeing the Student Government website and social media accounts and for the design and implementation of any Student Government based visual graphics. Additionally, this department facilitates the design and ordering of all Student Government merchandise, creates innovative and consistent designs, and collaborates with other departments and branches to promote Student Government events and initiatives via merchandise.

Emilie Chenault
Director of Communications

Kyron Wilson
Director of Videography

Gabriel Espinal
Director of Photography


Gabe Guillory
Assistant Director of College Council Communications

Kennedy Carter
Assistant Director of Videography

Joris Kingsby
Assistant Director of Photography

Ryan Castellon
Assistant Director of Designs

Taylor Davis
Assistant Director of Communications

Tyler Johnson
Assistant Director of Photography

Disability Services

The Department of Disability Services is responsible for any activity and initiative relating to disability services affecting students on campus. This department develops and implements the LSU Stripes program.


Jenari Taylor
Assistant Director




The Diversity Department works to implement all diversity-based initiatives administered through Student Government. The group is tasked with managing the Multicultural Leadership Coalition. The department also helps to plan and advertise for diversity related events on campus.

Tyler Hunt

Preston White
Programming Director of Diversity 

Emily Swisher-Anderson
Assistant Director of LBGTQ+ questions

Jo'Nae Williams
Assistant Director of Women


Election Board

The Election Board administers the Fall and Spring Student Government elections to "ensure honest elections, which are fair to all involved."  The Board is led by the Commissioner of Elections and also includes six members who are appointed by the Student Body President.

Ashlyn Anderson
Chair Commissioner of Elections

Madison Latiolas
Vice Chair Comissioner of Election

Deja Gordon
Board Member

Morgan Cooper
Board Member

Stephen Faulk
Board Member





The Finance Department is charged with handling Student Government finances by keeping financial records, providing financial reports to the Student Body President and the Student Senate and submitting all required fees and Student Government expenses to be posted online for the Student Body to see. The Director chairs the PSIF committee. The Assistant Director chairs the ORF Committee.

Byron Hansley
Director of Treasurery


Nicole Spriggs-Moye
Assistant Director of PSIF

Sadie Forbs
Assistant Director of ORF


Governmental Relations

The Department of Government Relations will keep track of all governmental matters affecting LSU at the state and citywide level, and serves on the LSU Student Advocacy commission (SAC). This department is also responsible for the development of the Louisiana higher education Report card (HERC).

Parker Loy


John Garrett Patrick
Assistant Director

Emma Booker 
Assistant Director of Civic Engagement


Health and Wellness

The Department of Health and Wellness promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Anne Burleigh

Emma Trigg

Natalie del Puerto
Assistant Director



Non-Traditional Student Programming

The Non-Traditional Student Programming Department is designated to serving and providing SG resources to non-traditional and first-generation students.

Kayli Smith


Bellah Burton
Assistant Director



The Philanthropy Department plans and oversees all Student Government sponsored Philanthropic events and organizing teams for on-campus Philanthropic events.

Jackson Lebouf


Amber Salone
Assistant Director of Southern Relations

Bria Joseph
Assistant Director

Alexandra Clay 
Assistant Director of Charity Relations


The Department of Programming coordinates Student Government programs and oversees the implementation of events for the Student Body.


Emmie Ravain
Assistant Director



Student Auxiliaries and Services

Student Auxiliaries and Services advocates for students with any campus auxiliary service including LSU Dining, LSU Student Union, LSU Bookstore, Tiger Card Office, LSU Vending, etc.

Preslie Addeo


Sephora Vacarro
Assistant Director



SG Student Entertainment

SG Student Entertainment is the programming wing of LSU Student Government. They are responsible for hosting Groovin' in the spring.

Melanna Sam


Gabriel Watkins
Assistant Director

Kynnedi Chevalier
Assistant Director


Student Outreach

The Student Outreach Department works to provide communication between Student Government and other LSU Student Organizations through organizational visits. The Director also leads the Organizational Support Staff, a team of Student Government members who work to answer any questions that Student Orgs may have that pertain to utilizing all of Student Government's resources.

Lizzie Shaw


Piper MillerAssistant Director

Saylor Chanthavongsy
Assistant Director


Transportation & Safety

The Transportation & Safety Department advocates for student parking, transportation, and safety issues on and off campus. This includes LSU’s Commuter, Residential and Greek parking lots, Tiger Trails bus system, bike racks, Campus Transit, campus signage, and any other safety-related issues.

Emily Otken


Allie Held
Assistant Director of Safety



Veteran & Military Student Affairs

Veteran & Military Student Affairs was established in Fall 2016 with the goal of reviving the LSU commitment to our rich military history. The Director currently serves as the President of the Student Veterans, and the Assistant Director serve as the LSU Corps Commander.

Austin Firmin


Graham Martin
Assistant Director

Alberto Ontiveros
Assistant Director



We're Committed

The Department of We're Committed was established to help end sexual violence on LSU's campus. 


Alayna Landry 
Assistant Director