2 - 3 March 2005


Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
Energy, Coast & Environment Bldg
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Alternative Energy 2005:

The Future of Louisiana's Energy Industry?




How Next Generation Energy Can Set America Free From Oil Dependence
Anne Korin, Director of Policy and Strategic Planning, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

Utility Perspectives on the Environment, Energy Use and Sustainability
Brent Dorsey, Director - Corporate Environmental Programs, Entergy


The Competitive Advantage of Energy Efficiency
Dr. Charles Reith, Executive Director, Alliance for Affordable Energy


Bringing CHP to Market: EPA CHP Partnership Project Resources and Assistance
Katrina Pielli, Program Manager, Combined Heat and Power Partnership, EPA


Sustainability and Alternative Energy at Dow Chemical
Gordon Slack, Energy Business Director, Dow Chemical Company


A Major Oil Company's Perspective on Alternative Energy
Timothy O'Leary, Manager - External Affairs, Shell Renewables/Hydrogen


Opportunities for Producing the "Stranded" Hydrocarbon Resources of Louisiana
Michael Godec, Vice President, Advanced Resources International


Developing Biorefineries to Produce Alternative Energy, Ethanol, and Other Industrial Chemicals
Ed Lehrburger, President and CEO, PureVision Technology, Inc


Wind Energy Opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico
Herman Schellstede, President, Wind Energy Systems Technology, LLC


Market Opportunities for Green Energy and Renewable Energy Credits
Jason Tournillon, Associate, GT Energy