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28 - 29 October 2009


Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
Energy, Coast & Environment Bldg
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Energy Summitâ„¢ 2009:

Energy Market Challenges and Opportunities




Policy and Domestic Oil and Natural Gas
Sara Banaszak, Senior Economist, American Petroleum Institute

US Natural Gas Market Outlook: Opportunities For New Production
Porter Bennett, Founder & President, Bentek Energy

Changes in Electricity Demand Historical, Current, Future
George Given, Woods MacKenzie

Work Force Development Challenges
Lloyd R. Heinze, Ph.D, P.E., Chair & Butler Professor, Texas Tech University

Changing Regional Midstream and Transportation Developments
Terrance L. McGill, President, Enbridge Energy Company, Inc

The Price of Crude Oil: Speculators or Market Fundamentals
Kenneth B Medlock III, Adjunct Professor, Rice University

A practical, scalable, modular ALWR
Michael E. Shepherd, VP - Business Development, Babcock & Wilcox Modular Nuclear Energy

Natural Gas Hydrates
Dan McConnell, AOA Geophysics
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