21 - 22 February 2006


Dalton J. Woods Auditorium
Energy, Coast & Environment Bldg
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Rebuilding Utility Infrastructure 2006:

Challenges and Opportunities



Utility Discussion -- Proposals for Rebuilding and Financing Infrastructure

Entergy – Louisiana Hurricanes Katrina & Rita Restoration/Recovery Electric Operations
Danny M. Taylor, Manager, Engineering, Entergy Louisiana Electric Operations

Gas System Restoration and Remediation: Post Katrina
Perry J. Dufrene, Manager, Engineering and Business, Entergy Gas Distribution Business

Regulatory Issues in the Face of Natural Disasters
Bob Michaels, Cal State Fullerton

Emergency Management in the Energy Sector - Building Resilient Energy Systems, Plans and Infrastructure
David Redman, Chairman, Former Director, Emergency Management, Alberta

Opportunities for Municipalization and the Benefits of Public Power
Terry Huval, Lafayette Utilities System

Federal Perspectives on Electric Infrastructure Development
James McGlone, US Department of Energy

Evaluating Infrastructure Integrity -- The Costs of Hardening For Hurricanes
Bill Snyder, KEMA

Infrastructure Development & Needs From a Commercial Viewpoint
Chris Hendrix, General Manager, Texas Retail Energy, LLC, Manager of Energy Procurement, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Experiences In Responding to the Challenges Post 9-11
Gerald A. Norlander, Executive Director, Public Utility Law Project of New York, Inc.

Florida's Experience in the Post Hurricane Environment
Harold McLean, Florida Public Counsel

Rebuilding Utility Infrastructure: Development and Needs
Richard Smith, Regional Energy Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company

Rebuilding Utility Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities
Eric Smith, Tulane Energy Center

Rebuilding Utility Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities
Gary Chapman, Dow Chemical

Getting Back To Normal Is Not Good Enough
Joe Marone, Oxy Chem

Rebuilding Utility Infrastructure: Challenges and Opportunities
Phillip May, Entergy Services