Transformation that goes beyond

The fraternity and sorority experience goes beyond your time at LSU. Members are immersed in transformational experiences in an environment that cultivates the highest standards of personal integrity and civic engagement. Just look to our alumni– members continue to impact others as leaders in a global society long after graduation.

Wherever you find members of the Greek community, you'll find our demonstrated commitment to:

  • Friendship
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Inclusion
  • Health and Safety 

forever friendships & indescribable support

"For me, Greek life means community. From chapters to councils, Greek life has brought me the strongest bonds and forever friendships that have motivated me to be my best self and excel in college. The support system from the Greek community is indescribable and always has your back and gives you somebody to lean on.”- Bella Rovere, Alpha Phi
bella rovere with alpha phi members