Students without a BA/BS in COMD

Not all students who are interested in pursuing a MA in speech-language pathology have a BA/BS in Communication Disorders. We are delighted to accept these students into our MA program if their academic history, GRE, and letters of recommendation are strong. Nevertheless, for students interested in this route to the MA degree, there are undergraduate pre-requisites that will need to be completed. Below we list these courses and offer options that students should consider while at LSU.

Pre-requisites for students who enter the MA program without a BA/BS in Communication Disorders

The following list of courses in the field of speech-language pathology is required by the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association. They are listed by the semester that they are taught at LSU. Students can also take these courses at any BA program that is nationally accredited in Speech-Language Pathology. Students interested in pursuing a MA program in Communication Disorders at LSU have two options for completing these courses.

Option 1

Students can take these courses as MA students in Communication Disorders at LSU. Students who select this option typically need three years of full-time enrollment in the MA program (including summers) to finish all of the pre-requisites and MA requirements.

Option 2

Students can take these courses prior to being admitted into the MA program. This option allows students to have a bit more flexibility in when and where they take the courses.

Students are also encouraged to browse the website of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association for a full list of BA/MA course requirements. Examples of other ASHA requirements include a life science course and a physical science course.


BA Courses that Serve as Pre-requisites for Graduate Courses in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Fall Semester at LSU

COMD 4150 Phonetics
COMD 4250 Anatomy
COMD 4380 Language Development in Children
COMD 4383 Fluency Disorders (COMD 4381 is a pre-requisite to this class)
COMD 4590 Aural Rehabilitation (COMD 4190 is a pre-requisite to this class)


Spring Semester at LSU

COMD 4153 Acoustics
COMD 4190 Introduction to Audiology
COMD 4381 Articulation Disorders
COMD 4382 Language Disorders


The fall classes are designed as pre-requisites for the spring courses, but if you are looking for spring courses and have yet to take the fall courses, we recommend COMD 4153 and COMD 4190 to be taken together OR COMD 4153 only. These two together can be taken prior to the fall courses.