LSU Discover

The LSU Discover Undergraduate Research program supports student participation in faculty-mentored research and professional-level activities. This program also provides student research training through workshops and funding to support a student's reserach or travel to a conference to present a student's research findings.  LSU also hosts LSU Discover Day where students present their research through posters and oral presentations.

Previous COMD Discover Day Award Winners


  • COMD student, Kayla Williams, earned 2nd place for her oral presentation, The implementation of a Telerehabilitation Program for African Americans with Aphasia: A Feasibility Study, mentored by Dr. Bijoyaa Mohapatra.


  • COMD student, Alyssa Schell, earned 1st place for her poster presentation, How Does Feedback Impact Test esponse Patterns in Children?, mentored by Dr. Eileen Haebig and Dr. Julie Schneider.


  • COMD students, Tatum Carver-Dews (2nd place) and Juliette DiCharria (3rd place) earned awards for their poster presentations examining early language development, both mentoredd by Dr. Janna Oetting.


  • COMD students, Brooke Fourcade and Emily Neck (1st place poster #189 and 3rd place poster #190), earned two awards for theiri poster presentations.


  • COMD student, Jena Vizzini, earned 2nd place for her poster presentation, mentored by Dr. Eileen Haebig

Previous COMD-Affiliated Presentors at LSU Discover (Poster or Presentation)

Kyleigh Jackson, Alexus Crawford, Senea Diaz, Will Decker, Alena Knieper, Taylor Hale, Sarah Reviel, Kayla Spearman, Bonnie Dupr√©, Catherine Pinas, Madeline Allen, Grace Lemoine, Kaela Powery, Dianna Roxas, Exquisite Williams, Brooke Fourcade, Shea Moreau, Emily Neck, Sarah Pohlman, Elinor Weber, Alexis Dupuy, Sarah King, Heather Delaune, Meighan Lambert, Mary Kate McHugh, Jillian Davis, Sarah Ramaraj, Cristina Tefel, Francesca Tusa, Amanda Kuylen, Margaret Crocker, Hailey Guillot, Riley Cantrell, Tatum Carver-Dews, Juliette DiCharia, Vivian Luong, Lauren Betzer, Alyssa Schell, Riley White, Isabel Willems, Rachel Crowder, Amanda Holley, Samuel Culotta, Chasity  Hunter, Larry  Ledet, Amanda Allen, Alexa Smith, Landry Rase, Jordyn St. Cyr, Anna Grace Fanques, Marcus Forest, Mikayala Buenafe.