Insurance Non-Compliance

In the event that a student allows their policy to lapse or purchases insurance with an insufficient check or credit card, they may be subject to the following consequences:

  1. Enrollment block for the following semester and possible loss of status per Department of State regulations.
  2. Current registration may be canceled or terminated.
  3. LSU Student Insurance will automatically be added to your Bursar Operation account and/or LSU fee bill via ABS for the remainder of your stay regardless of other insurance.
  4. Letters of completion and/or diplomas will be held until problems are resolved and proof of compliance with the mandatory insurance requirements are established to International Services in writing.
  5. Uninsured students’ names will be provided to the Dean of Students Office for appropriate action.

Questions regarding waivers, enrollment of dependents, benefits or claims for LSU Student Health Insurance may be directed to Gallagher Student Health/United HealthCare at 1-844-288-4920 or by visiting the Gallagher website.