The Department of Pathobiological Sciences provides teaching and training in the emphasis areas of bacteriology, epidemiology, immunology, parasitology, pathology, and virology. Departmental faculty are involved in all levels of the professional curriculum, providing lecture and laboratory experiences in bacteriology, mycology, immunology, epidemiology, pathology, parasitology, community health, and virology, as well as instruction in the practical application of necropsy techniques, all using cases received from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.
Advanced studies in the department lead to the MS and PhD degrees in veterinary medical sciences for both DVM and non-DVM graduate students. Graduate courses are offered in all disciplines associated with the department. Basic and applied research is conducted in the areas of molecular pathogenesis, disease processes, infectious and parasitic diseases, and host response to disease.
The departmental faculty provides a variety of services in support of the clinical and instructional programs of the school, including clinical pathology, cytology, postmortem examination, diagnostic parasitology, and aquatic animal disease diagnosis. Central research services include a molecular biology center, Gene Lab, a flow cytometry lab, and a histology lab.


Lung Biology Lab


MS and PhD Program