Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of PS-98 and SFI disclosures is to promote objectivity and transparency with regard to any externally funded research. Such transparency reinforces the value of our research and to assure other researchers, federal agencies and the general public that the results of our work are free from outside influence or economic pressure.

Any research investigator affiliated with a current externally funded project or with a submitted proposal that is under review must submit or update their SFI disclosure.

PS 98 applies to all externally funded projects, regardless of source.

Yes, graduate and undergraduate students are investigators if they are responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of externally funded research, or proposals for such funding.

Contact the COI coordinator if the students in question do not have a GeauxGrants account.

SFI disclosures are valid for up to one year and only need to be updated or re-certified annually as long as the PI has an active research account or grant application. If you have changes to your SFI portfolio, you must update your disclosure within 30 days. If you have not yet filed an SFI, you will be asked to do so when you submit a proposal to an externally funded grant program.

If a financial conflict of interest is identified, a management committee will be assembled to develop sufficient safeguards to assure that the design, conduct and reporting of the research is free from any bias or appearance of bias. Management committees usually include the investigator, an administrator from the department or college, and someone from both the Office of Sponsored Programs and Office of Research & Economic Development.