Sponsored Projects

The Sponsored Projects module of GeauxGrants is for proposal development, tracking and award processing for externally funded grants. While faculty will be able to use proposal development to build and submit their projects, proposal tracking and award processing will only be handled by grant administrators. For additional information, please see the Office of Sponsored Programs site.

Streamlined Review

Submitting proposals through GeauxGrants requires a lead time of seven (7) business days for the routing of all proposals to OSP for review and approval. This is needed to accommodate the review, approval and submission processes now embedded within GeauxGrants. This applies to all required information in the following sections (tabs): Setup Questions, LSU Questionnaire, Budget (including the budget justification), Personnel, and Internal Uploads & Routing.

For proposals requiring electronic System-to-System submissions (i.e., Grants.gov), investigators can continue to finalize the science and technical documents of the proposal after routing the above components in GeauxGrants up until 24 hours prior to the electronic submission deadline.

In order to be ready for submission, all institutional approvals must be received and all components of the proposal must be complete, in final format and entered in the GeauxGrants system at least 24 hours prior to the electronic submission deadline. After this final deadline, OSP will be authorized to submit the proposal. If there are any missing components, investigators must accept the risk of a submission failure.

IMPORTANT: Proposals that do not meet the above routing deadlines run the risk of not being fully reviewed and approved prior to the submission deadline. Routing incomplete proposal packages to satisfy the seven (7) business days deadline is not acceptable and can delay processing.

How-To Guides for Sponsored Projects

A collection of how-to documents and FAQs covering the major elements of the GeauxGrants Sponsored Projects module. They include overviews of proposal development, award management, and their respective review processes, as well as guides for creating proposals, budgets, cost sharing, and subawards.

Workshops & Training

OSP offers scheduled training workshops for faculty and staff as well as onsite sessions for colleges and departments upon request. Because of the complexity of the budget process, faculty are strongly encouraged to get assistance from their departmental grant coordinators as they begin to develop proposals in GeauxGrants.

Registration for scheduled GeauxGrants workshops can be found at the LSU Training and Event Registration website. Contact Rebecca Trahan to arrange onsite training.