LSU Career Chats: Bascom Hunter Employer Spotlight

February 06, 2024

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Bascom Hunter Technologies, Inc., a leading defense company, delivers cutting-edge aerospace and defense solutions to impactful clients nationwide. Positioned uniquely as an engineering firm in a region dominated by the oil and gas industries, Bascom Hunter offers students a unique pathway to a rewarding career in engineering.

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The Olinde Career Center connected with seasoned engineers Sam Subbarao and Jacques Tassin to learn more about Bascom Hunter’s opportunities for students. Subbarao, equipped with a Bachelor and Master of Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from the University of Houston, brought extensive experience in both the defense and oil & gas sectors to Bascom Hunter. He expressed his passion for the mission and purpose of the defense industry.

"Bascom Hunter's BH Tech division provides an unparalleled blend of technologies in resilient communications, machine learning hardware, and photonics – a combination hard to find elsewhere," stated Subbarao.

Highlighting the specialization of their work, Subbarao emphasized the integration of crucial technologies such as thermal management, robust communication, machine learning hardware, and photonics, creating unique and groundbreaking solutions. These solutions, including components for satellite systems and advanced machine learning hardware for defense, position Bascom Hunter at the forefront of innovation.

Bascom Hunter location

"Bascom Hunter represents the next step in establishing the Silicon Bayou here in Baton Rouge. As a small business with experienced leadership, Bascom Hunter offers flexibility and agility while maintaining guardrails for operational excellence. We offer both managerial and technical career paths and are looking to scale rapidly and sustainably," added Sam Subbarao.

Jacques Tassin, represents the Xcelaero division of Bascom Hunter, a division focusing on efforts in environmental control systems and components. Jacques states he chose Bascom Hunter due to its pioneering role in technology research for military and aerospace customers. Starting as an intern, Tassin's journey included an array of responsibilities within the engineering department, leading to his current role as a Project Engineer in the business development group. His experience reflects the growth opportunities at Bascom Hunter, where professional skills are honed, creating well-rounded employees.

Bascom Hunter hires exceptional interns at every level: from Freshman to Graduate students.

Sam Subbarao, Senior Vice President, BH Tech 

Both Subbarao and Tassin emphasized the value of internships at Bascom Hunter, where interns engage in real work with tangible impact, providing firsthand experience in problem-solving.

Bascom Hunter actively collaborates with the Olinde Career Center, LSU professors, and platforms like Handshake, offering a good foundation for students venturing into the tech-centric world. Explore their opportunities at the LSU Career Expo on Wednesday, February 7, at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Visit their career page and Handshake page for more information. Join Bascom Hunter on the frontier of innovation and technology.