Field of view

LSU Students Conduct Research and Design for New Lunar-based Telescope

LSU astronomers are leading a collaborative scientific observing program that will provide new images and information from the far side of the moon.

Hartmut Kaiser

LSU Computer Science Professor Uses AI/ML to Predict Coastal Flooding

More than half of the U.S. population lives in coastal watershed parishes or counties that generate 58 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. These coastal communities and infrastructure are especially vulnerable to wind and flooding due to tropical storms, hurricanes, and heavy rainfall.


Under a Moon Spell: Shark Attacks Related to Lunar Phases

New research from LSU and the University of Florida suggests that more shark attacks occur during fuller phases of the moon.


Discovery of Extreme Superflares On Recurrent Nova V2487 Oph

LSU Astronomer Professor Brad Schaefer and colleagues discovered that the Recurrent Nova V2487 Oph star has extreme superflares with the bursts more frequent and 100,000 times more powerful than any other known superflare star, in terms of energy per year.

40 million-year-old fossil shark

40 Million-Year-Old Fossil Shark Named in Honor of LSU Collection Manager Suyin Ting

LSU Museum of Natural Science's Vertebrate Paleontology, or VP, Collections Manager Suyin Ting, was recently honored by having a 40-million-year-old extinct shark species named after her.

Crocidura pallida

LSU Researchers Make Major Discovery in the Animal Kingdom

Researchers, led by LSU mammalogist Jake Esselstyn, recently made a major discovery ­­– 14 new species of shrews, which is the largest number of new mammals described in a scientific paper since 1931.

Graça Vicente, professor of chemistry and the Charles H. Barré Distinguished Professor

Graça Vicente Honored as Boyd Professor, LSU's Highest Professorial Ranking

On Friday, Dec. 10, the LSU Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to designate Graça Vicente, professor of chemistry and the Charles H. Barré Distinguished Professor, the rank of Boyd Professor.

Surf clam

Researchers Find Climate Change Record in Clam Shells

The tiny, pale surf clam about the size of a fingernail that most people have seen and collected on beaches around the world holds clues in its shell to Earth's past.

Satellite image by the LSU Earth Scan Lab

LSU Researchers Present at World's Largest Earth and Space Geosciences Conference

LSU faculty, students and staff will present more than 90 research talks, posters and events at the largest Earth and space geosciences conference in the world, the American Geophysical Union, or AGU, next week.

Madan Bhasin

Bhasin Part of 2021 Class of National Academy of Inventors Fellows

Madan Bhasin, adjunct professor in the LSU Cain Department of Chemical Engineering, has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.