Science Residential College Earns Academic Collaboration Award

March 15, 2023

First-year students spend 153 hours a week outside the classroom, and the students living in the Science Residential College (SRC) have a multitude of options to fill that time in ways that set them up for success inside the classroom. 

Science Residential College Collaboration Award

Academic Advisor Allison Hargrove, Residence Coordinator Ryan Campen, and Dr. Hollie Hale-Donze hold the SEAHO Academic Collaboration Award.   

It may sound like a no-brainer at first, but bridging the academic and residential experiences in meaningful, engaging ways for students outside of the classroom requires extensive collaboration and dedication. Despite the challenge, the Science Res College team and Residential Life Horseshoe Community Residence Coordinator Ryan Campen recently won the Academic Collaboration Award from the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers for engaging programming, connecting students and faculty, and targeted academic support. 

“In the Science Residential College, we are proud of the success of our residents both in and out of the classroom,” said Science Residential College Rector Hollie Hale-Donze. “The collaborative effort between the SRC and Residential Life has allowed us to provide a true living-learning community. Our team has worked together to openly communicate students’ needs and creatively plan and carry out unique enrichment programs designed to energize their passion for learning while reminding them that science is fun and applicable in their everyday lives.”

Students living in the Science Residential College achieve higher GPAs, retention rates, and matriculation rates into the College of Science than their peers.

The SRC cohort average on the fall departmental Chemistry final exam was 23.1% higher than their peer sections.*

“We work hard to make the Horseshoe Community feel like home for our students. All the structured academic programs like tutoring, supplemental instruction, and advising, coupled with the enriching social programs, foster a sense of belonging for residents,” said Academic Advisor Allison Hargrove. 

The team approach at the Science Residential College is clearly working to provide students with the best first-year experience possible. Learn more about the SRC.

*Source: John Hopkins, cohort faculty

The Horseshoe Pollinator Garden is tended to by the Horseshoe Gardening Club and serves as an opportunity to spruce up the community while also giving students more opportunities to hear from experts in the areas of ecology, sustainability, and horticulture.Science Residential College residents got to connect with professionals working in the medical field. Panelists shared information about their career paths, their challenges, and the rewards of working in medicine.The Science Residential College and Horseshoe Community often collaborate on events to ensure students are connected to their Science Residential College residents have traveled to the LSU Medical Education & Innovation Center to participate in medical emergency simulations, tour facilities, hear from industry professionals, and network with current medical school students.

From Welcome Week to move-out, Science Residential College residents have access to programs throughout the year where they can meet with College of Science faculty, Residential Life staff, and their neighbors. College of Science faculty will often hold office hours in the Science Residential College.