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We're here to provide information and resources to help you support your Tiger as they work toward their ultimate goal–graduation! Find the information you need to continue to support your Tiger's success below.

Problem-solving Common Student Challenges

We're here to partner with you in supporting your student toward independence and interdependence. Find strategies on how and when to help your student with the questions you might be asking.

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Example Questions

"My student needs help enhancing their study skills. Where can they go for academic support?"

"My student is stressed or struggling with their mental wellbeing. Who can they contact?"

"My student needs an internship. Where can they find one?"

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Popular Upperclassmen Topics

Many students change their major at least once during their time in college. Does your student need help finding the right major for them? The best place to start is to check out the major and career exploration resources offered by the LSU Olinde Career Center

Whether your student decides to live on or off-campus as an upperclassmen, they have options! 

Sophomores and above who wish to stay on-campus can live in the apartments--East Campus Apartments (ECA), West Campus Apartments (WCA), and Nicholson Gateway Apartments. The on-campus upperclassmen apartment selection process begins on February 1 each year. For more information about on-campus upperclassmen housing options, visit lsu.edu/housing/options

If your student is considering off-campus housing, they should start looking as soon as possible. For fall housing, most renters sign leases beginning in January (and sometimes as early as December). Leases are usually for one year, but there are some nine month ones available. Check out some off-campus apartment options on this Off-Campus Housing website.

LSU's International Programs / Academic Programs Abroad (APA) is your student's ticket to explore the globe and broaden their academic horizons. Whether they are looking for a short-term program or a longer exchange, Academic Programs Abroad can help.

APA has nearly 400 domestic and international programs and partners, with options ranging from one week to one academic year. They are eager to help your student find the right program for them academically, personally, and financially.

Explore the program offerings and learn more about studying abroad at lsu.edu/intlpro/apa.

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Learn from Families Who've Been There

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The Family Association provides access and support through knowledgeable staff, current university information, and special involvement opportunities that allow members to stay connected to LSU.

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"Don't make this journey alone– your fellow Tiger families and the Parent & Family Programs team are here to help!" 
- Alaine & Michael Dautle, Family Council Chairs
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Supporting Students in Need

It is our team's mission to provide support at key moments for students in need. If your student is facing a challenge, please reach out to us.

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